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On Competition
Geoff Roes discusses the current competitiveness of trail ultrarunning.Related articles:Elite: An Uncomfortable Term A look at why the term "elite" might be the...The Montrail Ultra Cup Grows Up A look at how the Montrail Ultra Cup has grown...What’s So Special About Racing? Geoff Roes takes a look at why he races and...
What Triathletes Really Want This Holiday Season
Illustration by Matt Collins.Professional triathlete and "Triathlife" columnist Jesse Thomas shares some real (and many hypothetical) gifts appropriate for triathletes.The post What Triathletes Really Want This Holiday Season appeared first on Triathlete.com.
17 excellent gifts of joy
It is the time of the year when we think about gifts for loved ones or ourselves and our editor-in-chief has a few thoughts along those lines.
ATC: Hill Workouts for Ultras, Last-Minute Ironman Training Plan, Scheduling 2015 Triathlons, Higher HR in Racing Than Training, and More
We are back with Ask the Coaches and Lucho! On this show get Lucho’s analysis of Kona and answers to your questions on: Legs cramping and pains leading to a DNF in an ultra (Vermont 50) – figuring out what went wrong to be stronger next time, Our top hill training workouts for ultras and […]
The Inside Lane: The Challenge of Enduring
"One minute you're high on life, soaking up the euphoria of an effortless pursuit and the next minute you want to curl up in a ball on the side of the trail, wondering how you're possibly going to make it to the next aid station," writes senior editor Mario Fraioli. Photo: Steve AndersonSenior editor Mario Fraioli recounts working through a few rough patches in a recent race. The post The Inside Lane: The Challenge of Enduring appeared first on Competitor.com.
Daily News, Wed, Dec 17
Mario writes a great piece about questioning and doubting yourself mid-race…and eventually enduring. This quadrathlon in New Mexico sounds awesome. Bike, run, XC ski, snowshoe for 42 miles. Anyone doing it? This is news? While Jill prepares for some epic adventures, she wipes out on her home turf. Sounds familiar. …
Finding your way in the Dark
During the winter, many of us are hampered by the dwind […]
Jump up to faster run splits with plyometric exercises
Use these plyometric exercises from coaching editor Phil Mosley for research-proven running benefits, adding power and functional strength to your run performance.  1. Walking Lunges This is the first part of your warm-up, so don’t do anything too vigorous. Step forwards and bend at your front knee, keeping it above (not beyond) your toes. Keep […]
Top Road Running Shoes of 2014 – by David Henry
I’m not as experienced with the road scene as I am with trail and ultra running (see my top 2014 trail shoes here), but I’m really enjoying the weekly track workouts I’ve been doing. Since training for the Spokane Marathon this last October, I’ve decided to keep incorporating a couple of road days in my training throughout the […]You just finished reading Top Road Running Shoes of 2014 - by David Henry! Consider leaving a comment!Save money on running shoes - CLICK HERE to view current coupons and promotions on the Runblogger deal page!

For more great running c
21 Stocking Stuffers For Triathletes
Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer item to give your triathlete? Check out our list.The post 21 Stocking Stuffers For Triathletes appeared first on Triathlete.com.

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