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Thorsten Radde: Official Recap of the 2014 Ironman World Championships – An Epic Day Full of Surprises and Historical Performances
Endurance Planet’s Week of Kona coverage is brought to you by Polar, leaders in heart rate monitor and fitness-assessment technology. Find out more at enduranceplanet.com/polar. Tawnee and Thorsten Radde of trirating.com chat the morning after the Ironman World Championships to relive and recap the day in full detail, and what a day it was with […]
Ben Hoffman: The ‘Formula’ for His 2nd Place at Kona, Decision to Race IM Florida Next, Sponsored by Bacon, and More
Ben Hoffman  achieved his perfect race at the Ironman World Championships in Kona this year, earning him second overall and top American going 8:19:23. Hoffman, who went pro in 2007, is a four-time Ironman champion and has raced Kona five times, moving up the ranks from 56th in ’09, 42nd in ’10, DNF in ’11, […]
Mirinda Carfrae: On Winning Her Third Ironman World Championship Title, Making Up One of the Largest Deficits Ever, What’s Next, and More
This episode is brought to you by… Polar, find out more at enduranceplanet.com/polar, – and – Bonk Breaker Nutrition, the Official bar of IRONMAN and Rinny’s fuel of choice that helped lead her to her third title. Just 48 hours after the IM World Championships, we sat down with Mirinda “Rinny” Carfrae in her Kona […]
Sports Nutrition with Ben Greenfield: Digestive Enzymes, Gas and Bloating From Frankenfuels, and More
Our buddy Ben Greenfield is back for an informative and educating journey through digestive enzymes, metabolism, frakenfoods and a brief recap of how his race went in Kona this year… on zero Ironman training. We also talk about: The lowdown on Serrapeptase for recovery as an athlete; blog resource. The benefits of digestive enzymes; -What […]
Dave Jewell: Official Running Shoe Count at the 2014 Ironman World Championships with New Trends, Old Favorites, Rankings, and More
We are joined by Dave “The Shoe Guy” Jewell for an insightful conversation on the running shoe count at the Ironman World Championships this year, including an overall look at the state of running shoes with trends and more. Follow Dave on twitter: @superdavejewell and his blog at: endorphinfanatics.blogspot.com. The official Kona Shoe Count was […]
Mark Sisson: Anti-Doping Efforts, Health and Performance, Tips for Longevity, and More
We’re joined by primal living guru Mark Sisson, founder of the popular website Mark’s Daily Apple and the Primal Blueprint Podcast, for a exciting conversation covering a lot of ground including: Mark’s history as an elite triathlete and marathoner, and why he got out of it Inside the world of anti-doping efforts in sport using […]
Liz Lyles: Top U.S. Female at Kona on Her Rise To Success, Being Full-Time Mom, and More
Pro triathlete Liz Lyles  was this year’s top U.S. female in the Ironman World Championships going 9:18:11, in a stacked field of American ladies (13 who raced, in fact!). Liz started triathlon in 2002, but gave it up for a while to have kids. She resumed the sport and got her pro card. Since then […]
Angela Naeth: Struggles with ‘Female Issues’ and The Survey on Menstruation and Cramping in Female Endurance Athletes (with Results)
We’re joined by pro triathlete and Ironman champion Angela Naeth to take a look at some of the messy and often “taboo” health issues that women face in endurance sports. Many female endurance athletes struggle with their cycle and menstruation — whether that means having “harsh” periods with cramping and debilitating pain, or amenorrhea (the […]
TriNews with Thorsten: Recaps of IM Florida, Noosa, Miami, Taiwan; Racing Outlook; and More
2015 KPR Observer – Find out why you need the 2015 KPR Observer, and how you can get it for less than $20 if you act before Nov. 12; head to enduranceplanet.com/kpr now! We are joined by Thorsten Radde for your full TriNews podcast with the latest news in the triathlon world. On this show we […]
ATC: Factoring Weather into MAF, Adjusting to High-Altitude Running, Box Drops for Hammys, and More
This episode is brought to you by UCAN Superstarch, find out more and SAVE 15% off your purchase at enduranceplanet.com/ucan. On this show Tawnee and Lucho cover tons of topics and answer your questions. Including: Tawnee shares a strength-training circuit, and she and Lucho catch up on the latest. MAF & weather. How weather “extremes” […]

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