The Grand Canyon and What It Means to Move Through It
Anyone who has traveled into the Grand Canyon understands the great immensity of what they have entered into. You don’t really go into the canyon, it swallows you whole.
Stuff Your Turkey – Not Your Face
Runners are not immune to the weight gain that the average American experiences between Halloween and the New Year. Although most of the 5-9 pounds of accrued body weight is lost in January, research shows that 1-2 pounds linger around … Read the rest
Eight Steps For Your Best Trail Running Off-Season
Joe Uhan's tips for getting happy, healthy, strong, and fit during your off-season.Related articles:Emelie Forsberg Pre-2016 IAU Trail Worlds Interview An interview (with transcript) with Emelie Forsberg before the 2016...Waiting, Impatiently Ok, I took yesterday off completely from running and intend...Kimber Mattox Post-2015 US Mountain Running Championships Interview A video interview (with transcript) with Kimber Mattox after her...
Fall Fling 400 Race Report: Racing Against the Clock
The wooded hills of Connecticut offer many miles of gorgeous trail systems – some easy, some tough single-track with plenty of rocks, roots and climbs.
Road & Trail with Dana Anderson
Anything can happen in 100 miles. No matter how hard you train, or how determined you are, you become a slave to what the day will give you. For Dana Anderson, she had some lofty goals for the Javalina 100, … Read the rest
This Week In Running: December 12, 2016
This Week In Running’s trail and ultra recap for December 12, 2016.Related articles:This Week in Running: December 21, 2015 This Week In Running’s trail and ultra recap for December...This Week In Running: December 14, 2015 This Week In Running’s trail and ultra recap for December...This Week In Running: January 4, 2016 This Week In Running’s trail and ultra recap for January...
Light Running Shell Comparison
My go-to cold morning running outfit is a wool shirt and a shell with a light pair of gloves. The wool keeps me warm, the shell protects me from any wind, a little rain, and helps take the bite out of the air.  Here I compare shells with similar prices and features from some of the major manufacturers.
TheNorthFace Endurance Championship Preview Show – Mike Wardian, Ryan Ghelfi, Tim Tollefson
To highlight the depth and diversity of this field, here are three more guys all with legitimate chances of standing on the podium, all with drastically different backgrounds. Mike Wardian’s been running ultras for a long time and has raced in the Headlands with some frequency.  He also just raced …
Daily News, Wed, Nov 26
Happy Thanksgiving Eve everyone. Thank You to all my friends, partners, and family for making my life as happy as can be. I’m getting hungry already! USA Mountain Running Championships heading to Bend, Oregon next year. Twelve hill running tips from Cape Town’s trail runners. Need a new pair of …
Daily News, Tue, Nov 25
Awesome: Ryan Ghelfi proposes a team competition for TheNorthFace. I had a similar idea awhile ago and wrote about it here. Let’s make it happen! New podcast with Timothy Olson, Sage Canaday, and Mike Foote, all discussing their fitness and preparation going into TheNorthFace Endurance Championships on Dec 6. New …

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