Mark Allen and Dr. Phil Maffetone: Their First-Ever Dual Interview On The Grip's Legendary Ironman Success
Endurance Planet makes history by bringing together two legends for their first-ever dual interview: six-time Ironman World Champion Mark Allen and Dr. Phil Maffetone, who was Mark’s coach that led him to the ultimate success in long-course triathlon racing.
Black Friday Deals Week 2014
Black Triathlon Friday Deals Week 2014
Up close with JC Albuixech
Juan Carlos Albuixech is the general manager of the Sands Beach Resort in Lanzarote and we had a few words with the man simply known as JC.
6 CO2 inflators that could save your triathlon PB
We test the fastest, most convenient CO2 inflators to blast the wind back into your wheels – so a puncture needn’t destroy your PB mission. Pocket Rockets: 1. Genuine Innovations Hammerhead £17.99, buy online. Genuine Innovations’ latest design is impressively slick. The 16g cartridge screws into the minimalist HammerHead without leaking, but be wary of […]
What Triathletes Really Want This Holiday Season
Illustration by Matt Collins.Professional triathlete and "Triathlife" columnist Jesse Thomas shares some real (and many hypothetical) gifts appropriate for triathletes.The post What Triathletes Really Want This Holiday Season appeared first on
17 excellent gifts of joy
It is the time of the year when we think about gifts for loved ones or ourselves and our editor-in-chief has a few thoughts along those lines.
Jump up to faster run splits with plyometric exercises
Use these plyometric exercises from coaching editor Phil Mosley for research-proven running benefits, adding power and functional strength to your run performance.  1. Walking Lunges This is the first part of your warm-up, so don’t do anything too vigorous. Step forwards and bend at your front knee, keeping it above (not beyond) your toes. Keep […]
21 Stocking Stuffers For Triathletes
Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer item to give your triathlete? Check out our list.The post 21 Stocking Stuffers For Triathletes appeared first on
Ride Faster In Just Six Weeks Triathlon Training Plan
Use coach Phil Mosley’s bike-focused training plan to up your lactate threshold and ride harder. This triathlon training plan is aimed at making you a faster cyclist in six weeks. There are three rides per week, three runs and two swims. Every third week is an active recovery period, which breaks the routine of training […]
How Often Should You Run After Riding?
What’s the sweet spot? How regularly should you follow a ride with an immediate run?The post How Often Should You Run After Riding? appeared first on

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